Any human activity developed under the sign of constancy supposes that its author proves certain abilities, which could recommend him as the person having real opportunities to succeed in a certain field. But, unlike other activities, the legal profession bears the weight of some specific factors, which too many times are independent of the subject’s will, that visibly increase or diminish his consequences.

If in the case of other professions the qualities themselves of these authors are enough, exercised upon a certain object or upon a certain idea – for modeling, improvement, processing according to the strict will of the professional, submitted of course to certain rules, principles, laws – in the attorney-at-law’s case the equation involves additional terms without which the solution cannot be found, but which at the same time obviously influence it. For the attorney-at-law does not act upon a formless object or strictly upon an idea easy to manipulate, but, through the immediate or long term effects of his professional endeavors, he exercises undisputable influences upon his fellow human beings – even if his activity does not represent but another term of the equation referred to above, an objective circumstance that often only complicates the attorney-at-law’s mission, adding to it new attributes and requesting additional gifts. The reality or the ideal of living in a state under the rule of law burdens this autonomous and liberal profession with responsibilities and obligations that cannot be treated exclusively on the realm of law, instead they should also have as a basis a constant exercise of conscience.

For the abilities required, for the qualities that must be demonstrated over and over again, for the importance of the message, for the privilege of helping his fellow human beings (but also for the burden of ascertaining that the truth of his client, means the failure of the other party), for what he provides and for the price he pays, we believe that any attorney-at-law who practices his profession in the name of passion and law, accomplishes, in time, a mission. Because, isn’t true that, “Happiness belongs to whom dares to defend most strongly what he loves”..

Felix qui, quod amat, defendere fortiter audet

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